Problems on Droid X & Early Devices?

Some problems have been reported with the latest version of Avare on the Droid X that may also affect other devices running Android versions earlier than 3.1. If you have upgraded Avare and are having problems, please let us know so we can look for workarounds.

One problem stems from the fact that early versions of Android have severe memory limits and other issues that are extremely challenging for an app like Avare that manages many large graphic files. We’re actively working on solutions, and will post more information on Play store and/or here as solutions develop.

Another problem is that our server was unexpectedly shut down by our provider, so we’ve had to move it to one that assures us they can handle the high traffic volume associated with charts and weather. This change of the links hard-coded into Avare means that Downloads and other features in Avare may no longer work on versions of Avare other than the latest.

If you have upgraded and find that Avare no longer works on your device, you could try reverting back to version 3.5.4 or an earlier version using the Manual Install instructions on this website. Because the Downloads will no longer work on earlier versions, to preserve your charts and other Downloads we suggest you rename the com.ds.avare folder before uninstalling the new version.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties as we work to resolve these problems.

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