PIREP – Flying Avare

I have just flown Avare 3.6.8 to Freeport Bahamas and it was a fabulous resource. I loaded all charts & A/FD into Avare (amazing it’s all free!) on a Nexus 7. I all but ignored the panel GNS430 with 2010 world Jep, and my trusty old Lowrance 1000 with really old Jep. Those had a few minor strengths and were reassuring as backup, but Avare was by far the most useful. The Nexus 7 cost half what my antique Lowrance did when I bought it on clearance at “end of life” several years ago, and has already paid for itself several times over in chart/EFB savings with Avare (yes, I donated and am still far ahead on costs).

It’s very useful having real FAA Sectionals, WACs, and TACs that are current. Especially in the Caribbean where you can spend half the cost of a Nexus 7 just on books and charts that you won’t need at all with Avare aboard.

Thank you Zubair for a great app that’s making flying safer and more affordable!

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