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OFS Stratux Setup

This is an article describing the initial setup process of an Open Flight Solutions FlightBox Plus ADS-B receiver with the C.Young open source “Stratux” software, for weather and traffic information on Avare 7.8.6 for use in a C-172 with Garmin … Continue reading

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Flying Avare In Canada?

We are investigating the potential for adding more capabilities for flying Avare in Canada. It would be helpful if anyone interested in this topic would post a message on our Forum, so we can gauge how many of our users … Continue reading

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Free Geo-Referenced IFR Plates in Avare

You can now install free “Geo-Referenced” live IFR Plates in Avare, thanks to the volunteer work of a “tagging” team that manually added and checked Geo-reference data for almost every FAA Plate. This means that Avare can now show your … Continue reading

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$10 ADS-B Receiver for Avare

For anyone interested in the smallest possible investment to get ADS-B on Avare, here’s my report on using a $10 “SDR” receiver with the free open source version of the ADS-B app by HIZ: Summary With a very small investment … Continue reading

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Partnerships, Marketing

Apps4Av occasionally receives requests from hardware vendors seeking assistance with integration or for marketing related activities. This page offers general information to those who have made (or are planning) such a request. First, Welcome! Apps4Av strives to integrate hardware that … Continue reading

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Using the Avare External I/O Plugin app

NOTE: The app described in this 2013 post is no longer needed for most users and should not be installed unless required. The most common functions and features provided by this old Avare External I/O app are now integrated into … Continue reading

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Avare Adds AddOns

The popular Avare app now has new free AddOns released on the Play Store, to provide capabilities beyond those built into the base app. First is the new free AddOn for interfacing external GPS and ADS-B receivers to your Android … Continue reading

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